Being Present

The true secret to a healthy, happy life is much more than a nutritious diet and exercise.  Being present in the moment, which helps reduce stress, can have a profound impact on overall well-being. Mindfulness as defined by Dr. Ellen Langer (the mother of mindfulness), “is actively noticing new things.”  Thus, every glass of wine is an opportunity for an act of mindfulness, because to truly experience it requires one to use their senses to notice its unique color, aromas and flavors.

Keep it simple to start with the “3 S’s”. First-what is the color, not just red or white, but is a white wine more lemon or golden; is a red wine more purple or garnet? Next, what do you smell? There are a plethora of aromas in wine like fruits, herbs, spices, earth, etc. Take a couple moments to identify one or two of these. Lastly, what does it taste like? What are the flavors in your mouth? And how does the wine feel in your mouth-is it full-body like whole milk or is light body like skim milk? Last, but the most important questions to answer are do you like or not like the wine and why?

Becoming mindful while enjoying a glass of wine can parlay into other parts of your life, ideally making you more present in the moments of life.