February Wine of the Month

We’ve been celebrating Mardi Gras season around here, and thus, the wine of the month is one that pairs well with Carnival festivities. This means it needs to complement a variety of dishes, especially those with seafood, like charbroiled oysters, crab, crawfish, jambalaya, etc…

My choice is Albariño.  This grape originates from the Rias Baixas area of Spain, which is located in the northwest corner of the country on the Atlantic Ocean.

Wines made from the Albariño grape are dry and crisp with bright acidity. It’s refreshing citrus and minerality pair well with seafood options, but also help cut through the richness of heavier dishes like jambalaya. It’s usually 13% alcohol or less, which is important when festivities start before noon.

There are many delicious examples of Albariño, but I’m selecting this Paco & Lola because it checks all the boxes—it’s a good representation of Albariño, it can be found in most markets and is hovers around $20 per bottle retail.