How it all started…

It was a Tuesday night, and these two friends were at the Sonoma Farmer’s Market. Meredith was drinking bubbles, and Lou was sipping on a moody Merlot. As they always do, they were talking about wine, and how neither of them could find the right kind of podcast to engage their interests and add to their understanding of the vast world of wine.

So… They decided if they couldn’t find a podcast they both enjoyed, then maybe the best thing to do was create one themselves – and so that’s exactly what they did!

Major Crush is a wine lover’s podcast created by two people who are passionate about all things wine! It is our sincere hope that if you are new to wine (or, if you’re a pro who wants to expand the wine drinking experience by talking about it) that this podcast will be the one for you. Our goal is to interview the most interesting wine industry people and then create engaging content in this series to inspire you and help you develop your own crush-worthy love affair with wine!