January Wine of the Month

I’m introducing a new blog that will feature my wine of the month. I’ll aim to select inexpensive to moderately priced wines that can be found in most markets. Since we’re kicking off a new blog series in a new year, a bottle of bubble seems like the obvious first choice (although, not surprising to those of you who know me).

Now, I realize there are many honoring dry January and I respect that so you can save this recommendation until February. I have started exploring some of the dealcoholized wines starting to populate wine shelves, but I haven’t yet been wowed by one. I’ll report back once I have.

For now, I’ll share this month’s bottle…Silvano Follador Valdobianne Prosecco Brut 2021. Bubbles don’t have to be Champagne to be delicious and this Prosecco is a perfect example of this. It has bright citrus notes common for Prosecco, but it’s more complex with additional aromas of apple, peach and floral notes. I also chose this wine because it has no residual sugar and is completely dry on the palate, which allows the fresh fruit to take center stage.

A couple more fun facts to know about this producer…it’s a brother and sister duo and they use minimal intervention in their winemaking.

A Pairing for the Wine of the Month…

This one is easy…cheese board featuring Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked Mozzarella and Mascarpone accompanied by olives, fig jam and salty roasted nuts. To satisfy a carnivore add a few slices of Prosciutto.