May Wine of the Month

I’m going out there a little with this wine of the month, but when we were introduced to it on a warm spring night, it just hit the spot and quenched our thirst. Sassara Bardolino Goto is a light body red that can be served chilled. As the weather gets warmer, full body red wines are too heavy, so this offers a lighter, enjoyable red option.

Bardolino is the region where the grapes are grown in Northeast Italy near Lake Garda. These wines are typically made from a blend of red grapes, primarily Corvina (the dominant grape in Amarone and Valpolicella). It’s a dry, bright wine that is bursting with red fruit.

There is minimal intervention from the producers, and therefore is categorized as a natural wine since it is not filtered or fined, and minimal sulfur is added. This wine is also just 11% abv which is also an added benefit of this lighter style. Even if you can’t find this specific Bardolino, it’s worth giving Bardolino a whirl this summer.

It pairs best with a carefree summer evening, friends and pizza!