Meredith Griffin, DecantU Founder & Wine Guide, Presents at Arizona Bank & Trusts’ Women’s Financial Forum

PHOENIX, AZOctober 25, 2017 – decantU, the brainchild of Meredith Griffin, health and wellness professional, hosts interactive events that celebrate wine and the three dimensions of wellness – mind, body and spirit.

Arizona Bank & Trust organized a Women’s Financial Forum, and invited decantU to be part of this special event. More than 30 women attended for a discussion on the health of the U.S. economy and stock market led my Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Officer Heartland Financial and author of The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing. Following Ms. Tengler’s presentation, attendees were treated to an interactive experience about wine and wellness presented by Meredith Griffin, decantU Founder & Wine Guide. Guests were encouraged to open up their minds, their senses and their spirits to wine and wellness and the relationship between them. The program was designed in three parts – mind, body and spirit and was accompanied with the three main styles of wine – sparkling, white and red.

“Wine is an investment in an experience that can be applied to food and wine choices for a lifetime,” Meredith explained. Attendees compared French and California varietals and styles side-by-side to learn how terroir can impact a wines aroma, taste and flavor, as well as price.


About decantU

decantU hosts multi-sensory, interactive events exploring the relationship between wine, wellness and life in a welcoming, enriching and fun environment. Guests enjoy the opportunity to expand their knowledge of wine and wellness. They learn that wellness extends beyond physical health, just as wine’s influence goes beyond the liquid in a glass. Through an enriching journey, guests explore the three dimensions of wellness-mind, body and spirit, and the three primary classifications of wine – sparkling, white and red. Guests leave with a new appreciation for the wine in their glass and themselves.