Which is a Better Aphrodisiac-Champagne or Red Wine?

Many of us associate Champagne or any sparkling wine as being an aphrodisiac due to its FLIRTY effervescence. Not to kill the mood, but scientifically speaking, the carbonation causes alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly, thus lowering our inhibitions at a faster rate. Regardless, the best food pairings with bubbles call for some salt. A few delicious examples include:

  • Champagne & oysters
  • Cava & Marcona Almonds
  • Prosecco & Parmesan cheese
  • Any sparkling wine & popcorn

While red wine typically has a higher percentage of alcohol than sparkling wine, research suggests the compounds in red wine increase a woman’s sexual desire and function. While the type of red wine doesn’t seem to matter, the key is moderation. Ditch the idea of steak with your red wine and serve your Valentine a heart-healthy vegetarian dish with meaty mushrooms. It might be a myth, but some cultures believe mushrooms have the potential to increase arousal.

Solution: begin with a glass of bubbles, then enjoy a glass of red wine with your meal.