About decantU

We host multi-sensory, interactive events exploring the relationship between wine, wellness and life in a welcoming, enriching and festive environment. Our guests appreciate the opportunity to expand their knowledge of wine and wellness. They learn that wellness extends beyond physical health, just as wine’s influence goes beyond the liquid in a glass. Through an enriching journey, we explore the three dimensions of wellness-mind, body and spirit, and the three primary classifications of wine- sparkling, white and red. Guests walk away gaining a new appreciation for the wine in their glass and themselves.

The name decantU is derived from the word “decant”, which means to pour wine from its bottle into another vessel. This simple act enables the wine to breathe, to evolve and to express itself more fully. Our mission then, is to expand your knowledge and enliven your senses, to connect you to your own breath, thus encouraging a personal evolution.

“In vino sanitas”- “In wine there is health.”
~ Pliny the Elder ~

Meredith Griffin, founder of decantU, started her career as a college wellness instructor and sport performance coach. Meredith’s passion for wine and wellness combined with her professional experience resulted in the creation of decantU. She believes wellness is multi-dimensional, just as wine is about a lot more than merely imbibing it. Both extend into community, spirituality and mindfulness.

Meredith earned certifications with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) to add to her expertise and is currently studying for their Diploma Level in Wine. She has hosted events in a broad array of venues for a variety of businesses, organizations and friend groups.

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Employee & Client Engagement

decantU events offer a unique opportunity to engage staff and clients and have fun. The interactive component makes it ideal for team building. Guests leave with knowledge (or tips) about wine and wellness that’s easy to apply to their lives.

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Social Gatherings

Hosting an event for a group of friends or family is giving a gift of inspiration and empowerment. These events offer a unique gathering where you and your guests will expand your knowledge about wine and wellness.

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Major Crush Podcast

Major Crush is a wine lover’s podcast created by two people who are passionate about all things wine! Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant explore the world of artisan wines with an emphasis on learning and increasing an appreciation for what it takes to make a beautiful expression of aromas, colors and flavors inside of a bottle.

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