Curated By Meredith Griffin


Elevate guests’ wine experience at your next charity event!

“Curated”: “Carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented”

Curated by Meredith Griffin is a way to truly share my passion for and knowledge of wine in a way that both supports philanthropy and enhances an attendee’s experience at fundraising events.

I am a wine professional who is inspired by the stories and histories behind the bottle. DecantU pairs my two great passions, wine and wellness. Curated incorporates a third and growing passion, philanthropy.

Through Curated, I work with philanthropic organizations to provide an elevated wine experience for guests attending their events. I collaborate with the organization to create a custom collection of high-quality wines that are sold to guests for an additional cost. These will be curated with guidance from the organization to reflect their goals and values. The aim is two-fold—that wine consuming guests will enjoy the opportunity to sip delicious, high-quality wines and the charity will increase the money raised from the event.

Wine generates conviviality and celebration! Thus, the goal of Curated is to enhance the events festivities!

The aim is to provide delicious, exclusive, but approachable wines for every occasion. I look forward to creating a Curated experience at you next event. Please contact me at

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Employee & Client Engagement

decantU events offer a unique opportunity to engage staff and clients and have fun. The interactive component makes it ideal for team building. Guests leave with knowledge (or tips) about wine and wellness that’s easy to apply to their lives.

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Social Gatherings

Hosting an event for a group of friends or family is giving a gift of inspiration and empowerment. These events offer a unique gathering where you and your guests will expand your knowledge about wine and wellness.

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Major Crush Podcast

Major Crush is a wine lover’s podcast created by two people who are passionate about all things wine! Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant explore the world of artisan wines with an emphasis on learning and increasing an appreciation for what it takes to make a beautiful expression of aromas, colors and flavors inside of a bottle.

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