Social Gatherings

Hosting an event for a group of friends or family is giving them a gift of inspiration and empowerment. These events offer a unique gathering where you and your guests will expand your knowledge about wine and wellness.

We demystify wine for your guests through fundamental wine education that can make anyone look like an expert. Guests are guided through exploring and tasting several varietals of wines paired with creative, nutritious bites. Your guests will leave feeling empowered to make educated wine selections and healthier lifestyle choices.

“In water one sees one’s own face but in wine one beholds the heart of another.”

~ French Proverb ~

The events are broken into three parts


The first is an introduction that includes an overview of sparkling wine. While guests enjoy their bubbles, we share the history of wine and the research surrounding the physical health benefits of moderate wine consumption.


Part two begins with the mental benefits, which segues into the sensory component of wine drinking. This includes a guided exploration of two different varietals side by side and an introduction to the wine aroma wheel.


The third part delves into the spirit of wine. Guests taste the same varietal of wine from two different regions, thus allowing for a discussion of terroir and what makes a wine great.

Wine is communal. Uncorking wine with friends encourages communication and more profound interpersonal connections. The process of exploring and tasting wine together offers a unique, unforgettable experience and helps create more meaningful bonds among friends.

Guests Will:

  • Learn to taste wine like a pro
  • Gain insight into the dimensions of wellness
  • Expand their mindfulness
  • Deepen their bonds and friendships

“Our evening with Meredith was fun and we learned a ton. She’s an expert and presented with passion on everything from the Power of 9, to food and wine pairings, to wine and wellness education. She created a fun and engaging environment that put us all at ease and allowed us to really get the most out of the night.”
~ Cori, Owner of HAVEN, a clothing & lifestyle boutique ~

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