Major Crush: Holiday Episode “Let’s Talk Turkey!”

What better way to kick off the holiday season than to talk about how wine perfectly pairs with Thanksgiving! In this episode, Meredith and Lou literally “talk turkey”  and all things Thanksgiving over the phone, and they discuss how wine can add to the experience in the very best way! If you’re interested in finding some authentic ways to select wines, pair them with traditional foods, and how much to have on hand, then this episode will be so helpful for you! WINE PICKS: Lou is all about starting off his Thanksgiving with a good Rosé this year, and Meredith is always all about the bubbles! Her picks include a delicious Brut (dry) Champagne or a French Cremant — or a Prosecco is also a crowd pleaser! // This year, Lou is really digging the white wines he’s discovered this year because they are so friendly with traditional Thanksgiving food. So his picks are a dry Riesling, a delicate Chenin Blanc, or a chilled Gewürztraminer, while Meredith is excited about trying out a  Falanghina or a Grenache Blanc. // Meredith & Lou are sold on how perfectly a Cru Class of Bougelais pairs with Thanksgiving as their featured red! // For a memorable ending, try a Hungarian Tokaj Aszú — it’s a real show stopper! CONTACT US: If you have questions or comments for Meredith and Lou, and you’re listening on the Anchor App, you can send them to us directly. If you’re listening to this podcast on any other platform, and you want to reach out, you can email us at  // Follow us on Instagram: @majorcrushwinecast. // Be sure to check out the entire first season of Major Crush on Spotify, or wherever you access your favorite podcasts!