Major Crush S3 // EP 4: The War Room Interview

Our road trip through Paso Robles continues this week with a visit to War Room Cellars in Santa Margarita! This is not one of our typical winemaker interviews, mostly because there’s nothing “typical” about Andrew & Evan Nelson! These two brothers are a couple of the most enjoyable people to spend an afternoon with, and they are truly living up to their motto: Wine for All, All for Wine!! The focus of War Room Cellars is marketing, distribution, and sales, and everything these two brothers do centers around creating the best value and easiest access to the wines they procure. Their two major wine brands — Bonny Doon and Lapis Luna — are wines that are priced around $20 or less per bottle, and these wines end up on the shelves in specialty retailers all throughout the country. When we met the Nelson brothers, they were just about to launch their new luxury wine seltzer called Bubble Butt — and we were lucky enough to get a special delivery after our interview with two cases of this absolutely delightful Rosé in a can! So be sure to check out our WHAT THE BLANK bonus episode where we talk about our impressions of this clever new way to enjoy a wine seltzer with our friends Josh & Lars from Blank Wines. 
ONE MORE LINK: Lou and Andrew discuss a fascinating NYT interview with the famous Andy Beckstoffer. To read it for yourself, we’ve got the link right here! 
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