Major Crush S3 // EP3: Paso Road Trip // The Denner Interview

The Major Crush Paso Robles Road Trip continues, and boy did we have fun at Denner Vineyards! Have you ever heard that saying, “I’d rather be lucky than good?” Well, in the case of this episode of Major Crush, we were able to experience both! Our good fortune started with access to the winemaker, Anthony Yount, and the winery owner, Ron Denner, but the tasty wine, the delicious stories, and the genuine camaraderie we experienced made everything about our time at Denner Vineyards truly special! Josh Martin of Blank Wines joins us again in this episode and together, Meredith and Lou learn more about the Paso Robles Wine Country and how the soils, the freedom, and the passion for wine all come together. Denner is one of the most welcoming wineries we’ve visited and that spirit of hospitality is always available to people like you when you order wines from the Denner website. A special “shout out” to Autumn Cone for organizing our interview (on super short notice!) and for providing our listeners with details on accessing these delicious wines. For more information on how you can get Denner Wines, please visit their website:
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