Major Crush Season 1: Ep 12 The Wine Country Experience with Meredith & Lou

So you’re coming to the Wine Country and you’re excited, but you also have some questions. That’s normal. Everyone does the first time they visit! So Meredith and Lou wanted to do their part to help elevate the wine tasting experience for all of their listeners! In this episode of Major Crush, Meredith and Lou talk about the most basic questions they get asked all the time — such as, What should I wear? How do I taste wine? How many wineries should I visit each day? These are all great questions, and they all have more than one good answer! So listen in as Meredith and Lou unpack their own answers to these very common questions — because once you get some of these out of the way, you’ll have no problem discovering your own MAJOR CRUSH in the Wine Country! // 

NOTE: If you want to book a custom tour with Lou Zant, you can reach out to him by email at or call 707-348-2307 and leave him a detailed message with your dates and the number of people in your group.  // Rememberer: there’s only one Lou Zant! So book your tour dates early! // Meredith also mentions her “wine and wellness seminars” in this episode. For more information on how Meredith pairs her passion for wine with her passion for a life well-lived, check out her websites: //

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