Major Crush Season 1: Ep 6 Exploring Rhône with Meredith & Lou

In this episode of Major Crush, Meredith and Lou take some time out to talk about one of the biggest influences in the California Wine Country: Rhône varietals. It’s amazing to discover how influential this region of France is when you take a closer look at what the winemakers these two are meeting have chosen to grow and make. So it seemed right to take a full episode to unpack this region that is so rich in heritage, but also so storied in how the French curate their vintages. // We want to thank The Panel Wine Bar in Sonoma for allowing us to record this episode of Major Crush in their beautiful tasting studio! // Some of the California wineries that were mentioned in this episode include //Judge Palmer Winery // Williamson Wines // Roger Roessler //Winery Sixteen 600// Thanks for listening to this episode of Major Crush!

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