Major Crush Season 2/Ep 12: The Wine Snob* Interview

If the name of this episode makes you wonder if Meredith & Lou have suddenly gone pretentious on you, well…think again! There’s absolutely nothing snobby or unapproachable about Lindsey Blanchard & Ryan Kuhlmann — the husband and wife duo behind  Wine Snob*! In this charming installment of Major Crush, you’re going to get to meet two of the most sincere people who truly love wine and the journey it is taking them on. For two lawyers who have just started their own label, Lindsey & Ryan have an authentic talent for knowing how to make wines that are delicious, easy to drink, and so much fun to talk about! In this episode, Meredith, and our producer, Sonja Zant, give Lindsey & Ryan the chance to tell their story and present their wines in the most delightful way. The inspired pairings and the freshness of their wines make this one of the sweetest episodes of the season!
Featured Wines & Pairings: Wine Snob* 2016 Chardonnay — paired with cheddar cheese popcorn // Wine Snob* 2015 Tempranillo — paired with jalapeno potato chips to bring out the savory, and dark chocolate covered figs to bring out the sweet // Wine Snob* 2016 (T)rebelrouser — paired with bourbon bbq potato chips and locally sourced blue cheese // Wine Snob* 2018 Pinot Noir — paired with truffle-covered brie.
To order wines from Wine Snob* go to: // SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any 3 bottles and get 1 free Chardonnay! Enter code MAJORCRUSH at checkout. (Just be sure to also put the extra Chardonnay in your cart before applying the code.)
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