Major Crush Season 2/Feature Interview Ep 6: Pech Merle Winery

You gotta love a winery that leads with love and devotion, right? Well… Let’s just say that’s how things worked out for Meredith and Lou when they sat down to interview Bruce Lawton, owner of Pech Merle Winery. The attention to detail when it comes to how winemaker, John Pepe, approaches every wine he makes for Pech Merle starts in the vineyard and ends up in your glass. ¬†Like most of the winemakers and wineries featured in the Major Crush podcast, you can’t get these wines in your local stores, and for the most part, you have to be a part of the club to access the very best vintages. But after you listen to this interview, be sure to check out the Pech Merle website ( for more information, and, if you find yourself in Sonoma County California, it’s absolutely worth the trip to Geyserville to spend a little time with “Jenna” and Bruce at the totally hip and unique Pech Merle Tasting Lounge!
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