Major Crush Season 2/Full Length Ep 4: Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In this episode of Major Crush, Lou and Meredith talk about wine and love. There’s just something about the way a bottle of wine connects people — no matter how you’ll be spending time together on this special day! As promised in the episode, we’ve added a couple of varietal picks to help you zero in on some “sure things” to share with someone special this year!
Lou’s Picks: If you’re spending a cozy evening in, and you really want a red wine that pairs well with just about every yummy food you can think of, Lou’s top pick is a Zinfandel. They call Zinfandel “the winemaker’s wine” because it is so food-friendly, and it expresses so many things to so many people in every sip. If you’re up for trying a Zin, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good one. Right now, 2013 and 2014 California Zinfandels are drinking pretty darn well, so if you’re dining out this year, keep an eye out for Zinfandels of those vintages. And one more tip: One of Lou’s all-time favorite Zin brands is Ravenswood!
Meredith’s Pick: You’ll never go wrong if you pick an Italian varietal! Meredith’s biggest crush right now is on the Italian varietal called Dolcetto — which, in Italian means, “little sweet one.” (How could that be a bad pick for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?!) But this wine pairs so well with Italian foods — as well as roasted meats and vegetarian dishes, too. But the best part about a Dolcetto is the price. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an amazingly drinkable wine that will truly elevate the mood and add a whole bunch of love! However, if you’re dining out and specifically if you’re eating Italian, you might also consider a traditional Chianti. It’s usually one of the better choices on an Italian wine list because it is such an every-day part of the way Italian people express the love baked into their favorite dishes!
By the way, we were SO LUCKY to get a quick “guided interview” with Christian Parks of EARTH & SKY CHOCOLATES, located in Calistoga, CA! As one of the premiere Wine Country chocolatiers, it was so kind of Christian to take time out of his demanding schedule to offer up a few tips about how to pair wine and chocolate. We hope to treat you to a full-length episode this season about the art of pairing wine with chocolate, but if you liked what you heard in Christian’s “pop-in,” feel free to check out his website: or directly contact Earth & Sky at 707-227-6116 to place a custom wholesale order.
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