S3 // EP 1: The Adam Lee Interview

Welcome back to a brand new season of Major Crush! Boy do we have a great first interview to share with you — it’s with Adam Lee, a total rock star of the winemaking world, and one of the most sincere people you’ll ever meet. He has an incredible story to tell, and the wines he makes are some of the most well-made we’ve featured in any of our seasons. Adam is considered by many people in the industry to be a Pinot Noir expert — and in fact, he is the Pinot Noir Advocate for Jackson Family Wines.  So when he talked to us about how he makes his wines, we couldn’t help but develop our very first “major crush” of the season!
Adam Lee Bio: The Southern Baptist boy from Austin, TX developed a love affair with wine in college, and even though he never studied it, his mind and soul were divinely created to make it. Like many winemakers, when Adam moved to California he started his journey in a tasting room, but the calling to make his own wine was too strong to ignore. So in 1994, he took a leap of faith and founded Siduri Wines. Twenty-five-years later, Sidirui has a cult-like following, and Adam’s winemaking style has truly put him on the map as one of California’s top Pinot Noir experts. Adam’s passion for wine is very personal, which is beautifully reflected in his passion brand, Clarice. The wine that was inspired by Adam’s grandmother — who he referred to as “one of his closest friends” as a child — is one of his most brilliant expressions of his love for Pinot, and he’s even created an inclusive community called “Clarice Wine Community.” For more information about Adam and to find out how you can become a part of the Clarice Wine Community, visit: Clarice Wine Company (https://claricewinecompany.com/)
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