S3/EP 12: Corks Vs. Screw Caps

Season Three is drawing to an end, but we had to put together an episode about one of the biggest controversies in the wine industry: Corks Vs. Screw Caps. Winemakers have strong and very specific reasons for picking a side in this internal battle, and throughout this season, the winemakers we’ve interviewed have openly shared their thoughts with us! So we pulled together outtakes of several of our interviews and bundled them up in a stand-alone episode so we can explore this topic with our listeners. Hear how some of the most storied winemakers in the California Wine Country have decided to enclose their wines. One thing’s for certain: The people we interviewed make delicious wines, and so it’s very clear to us that a screw cap absolutely doesn’t mean the wine in the bottle will be of lesser quality — in fact, in many ways, it might be a sign that the winemaker is open to change and willing to see how technology can add something beautiful to the artistic nature of wine!
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