S3//EP 13: The Crush Collection

It’s finally time to let you in on something Mere & Lou have been dreaming of since the end of Season One! We’re finally ready to launch our very first Crush Collection wine club! Every time we put out another episode of this podcast, we get feedback from our listeners that our show tends to make people thirsty! So we decided we needed to come up with a way to get the wines they’re crushin’ on to our listeners — and the rest of the world — because when a wine is crush-worthy, it’s so much fun to share it! In this episode, Meredith & Lou talk about how the club came into being, and then they tell you all about the first four wines they’ve come up with for the FIRST LOVES COLLECTION. We were so lucky to get our hands on each of these bottles of wine, and we’re excited that we can offer them at such an insane price: Just $89.00! This first club collection is the start of something much bigger, and so every month, we’ll be bringing our club members another collection of killer wines to crush on! 
For more information – or to get your hands on our First Loves Collection — go to www.mymajorcrush.com/club and join the club today! The first 100 people to sign up will be one of our “Founding Members” which will ensure you get special perks and access to exclusive wines for the duration of our membership! AND, THE FIRST 100 PEOPLE TO JOIN GET 20% OFF THEIR ORDER!! So act fast!
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