S3 // EP 2: PASO ROAD TRIP // L’Aventure Winery

Welcome to the first Major Crush Road Trip episode of the new season! We decided to branch out this time around and explore a different California Wine Country with our listeners, and our first stop was Paso Robles! We brought along Josh Martin from Blank Wines to serve as our tour guide — since he graduated from Cal Poly and knows so much about this unique growing region! Paso Robles is filled with terrific wines and the stories behind each one made this trip so much fun for us! And because of the constant comparisons that are made between Paso and the Rhône growing region in France, it made perfect sense for us to start our tour at L’Aventure Winery. We had a wonderful experience there as one of the best hospitality guides we’ve ever met (Leanne) took us through the whole story and showcased the amazing wines of Stephan Asseo — a true shining star of the Paso Robles Wine Country!
Click here to learn more about L’Aventure Winery.
BONUS ALERT: Be sure to check out the BONUS episode we’ve created to go along with this episode of Major Crush! Meredith & Lou are creating a spin-off series to support our friends, Lars Williamson & Josh Martin of Blank Wines called WHAT THE BLANK. In this bonus, Meredith & Lou sit down with these two Millennial/Gen Z guys to experience a new wine to Mere & Lou (Elbling), and to talk a little more about Paso Robles, L’Aventure Winery, and what the future generation of wine drinkers need to move from “Wine Interested to Wine Informed.” 
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