S3//EP11: Wine & Hoops with David Griffin

If you’ve been following the Major Crush Winecast for any length of time, then you already know the name, David Griffin — the Pinot Noir-loving husband of co-host Meredith Griffin. And, if you follow professional basketball, then you know this same David Griffin as the genius NBA executive who has a knack for putting together winning teams and fostering a sense of camaraderie wherever he goes!  We thought it would be fun for us to put David in our very own “hot seat” to talk about wine culture inside the NBA, and to share a few other insights with our listeners about how wine helps connect and build strong communities inside of a competitive world where elite athletes are always looking for new expressions of perfection! David opens up about his recent experience inside the NBA bubble, how coaches and players he’s worked with have embraced the world of wine, and how he sees his new role as the top executive at the New Orleans Pelicans playing out in the future. Of course, we had plenty of wine to share with our special guest — and he had some pretty funny stories to share with us that prove the most competitive person on the Major Crush Team might just be our very own Miss Bubbles! Josh Martin & Lars Williamson of Blank Wines join us in this light-hearted interview that proves how perfectly wine pairs with just about everything!
NOTE: Meredith mentions a couple of articles about wine and the NBA at the start of this interview, and so we’ve provided the links here in case you want to read more: The NBA’s Secret Wine Society // Inside the NBA’s Bubble’s Unofficial Wine Club
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