S3//EP13: WTB BONUS – The Blank Wines Collection

Welcome to another bonus episode of the Major Crush Winecast called WHAT THE BLANK! All season long, Mere & Lou have been teaming up with Josh Martin & Lars Williamson of Blank Wines to explore topics that apply to the “Millennial & Gen Z” population of wine consumers. It’s added so much to our season, and we can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had getting to know these guys. So it seemed only fitting that we should do our best to help launch the Blank Wines Club by featuring their very first shipment of wines, too! Mere & Lou have spent hours tasting and talking with Josh & Lars about the wines they’ve curated for their club, and it’s finally time to let you in on the plans. So be sure to check out this bonus episode to find out what the guys from Blank Wines have in store!
To get your hands on the wines featured in this episode, go to www.blankwines.com and order now! For just $89.00 you can taste and learn more about these four exciting varietals as you sip! 
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