S3 //EP6: The John Ash Interview

We almost can’t believe we landed an interview with THE Chef John Ash — the Father of Wine Country Cuisine! But somehow, we did, and it turned out to be one of the most informative interviews we’ve done that brings the world of food and wine together in perfect harmony! In this episode, Meredith & Lou get to learn about Chef John’s past experiences, but they also learn about one of the most fascinating topics for wine lovers: pairing wine and cheese! John was so generous to us as he walks us through some really valuable tips, and, he also provided some great connections for us — and our listeners — to source some incredible cheeses. To help out, we’ve provided the names and links to all of the places Chef John mentioned in this interview.
For an INCREDIBLE cheese selection, look no further than Cowgirl Creamery! Chef John mentions how well they do seasonal cheeses — and, this is the kind of place that sources specialty cheeses you’re gonna want to try! Click here to visit the site.
Gioia Cheese Company is the place where Chef John told Meredith to go for the best burrata cheese ever! Click here to visit the site.
If you’re looking for vegan cheese and butter that tastes like the real thing, Meredith, Lou and Chef John can all testify that Miyokos absolutely delivers the goods! Click here to visit the site.
Chef John gave us a great tip for the upcoming holidays: Keep things simple by ordering beautiful favorites online. And for Chef John, Zingerman’s is a great place to get the ball rolling! Click here to visit the site.
For more information on Chef John Ash and all of the many ways he keeps adding beautiful things to the world of food and wine, visit his website www.chefjohnash.com
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