S3//EP9: The Lane Tanner Interview

You already know that Meredith & Lou love to crush on wine, but this time around, the crush is personal. For several years now, Lou has had a sincere adoration for the wines made by Lane Tanner of Lumen Wines, so when we reached out to her for an interview, and she said “Yes!” it was a pretty big deal! Before they even entered her winery, Meredith and Lou were starstruck! From her taste in music (she was rocking out to Lou’s favorite band, Little Feet) to her disarming approach to winemaking, everything about Lane Tanner just feels right. She has one of the best origin stories we’ve ever heard, and her easy-going manner and ability to weave a tale that’s as delicious as her wines make this interview a true highlight of the season. We are thrilled that we got to meet Lane, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her, too!
To find Lumen Wines, you can visit Lane’s website [https://www.lumenwines.com/] and her tasting room is called the Lumen Lounge at Pico located at 458 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440
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