S4/EP 10: Smoke Masters BBQ Interview

When it comes to food and wine pairings, for most people, there’s one obvious choice: steak and Cab! But for our own Lou Zant, almost all of his favorite food and wine pairings involve the grill, but that doesn’t mean he’s only about steaks or all about Cabs. In this episode, Lou is joined by good friends and grill aficionados Warren Hoover, head of our new SmokeMasters Wine Club, and Josh Martin, of Blank Wines and Rollin Blue BBQ. With the upcoming launch of our quarterly Smoke Masters BBQ Wine Club, we decided it would be fitting to sit down and discuss the world of smoking and grilling and how wine is the perfect compliment. 
LINKS:  To find out more about the Smoke Masters Wine Club, and to get on the waitlist for the club, check out our landing page: SmokeMasterwineclub.com  We also want to feature our own Josh Martin’s BBQ accessory site called Rollin’ Blue: https://www.rollinblue.com As Lou mentions in the interview, his grill brush is hands-down the best investment Lou’s made for keeping his grill in tip-top shape! 
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