S4/EP 12: The Erich Bradley Interview

Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how our chat with winemaker Erich Bradley made us feel! The man behind some of the most elegant and expressive wines in all of the California Wine Country is a truly unique and gifted person. We were already in love with so many of the wines he makes — including Sojourn Cellars, Repris, and Pangloss — but once we had a chance to interview him and understand the thought behind his winemaking style, we were hooked all over again. Even though we’ve had to do most of our interviews for the last part of Season Four using a remote recording platform, the passion and attention to detail that Erich brings to the world of wine seemed to close the physical distance between us with his incredible ability to share from his heart! We hope you enjoy this interview — and if you can, we highly recommend seeking out some of his totally crush-worthy wines!
https://www.sojourncellars.com/   https://repriswines.com/     https://panglosscellars.com/
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