S4/EP 13: The Angelina Mondavi Interview

It’s our final episode of Season Four and we couldn’t be more honored by our final guest — Angelina Mondavi. She is carrying a pretty big legacy on her shoulders, but there’s just something so original and wonderful about this talented winemaker that seems to carry her above and beyond what you might expect from the granddaughter of arguably the most famous California winemaker. Angelina is her own person and her story is as fascinating as the contributions she’s making to the world of wine. We felt so lucky to get some of her time, and as you listen to this remote recording, you’ll understand just how busy she is! But she was present, kind, and so authentic — and that’s the perfect combination of traits that come together to give us a big old crush on the winemakers we are privileged to interview each season! We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did — and thanks for being faithful listeners for yet another season of our little show! (To find out more about all of the wines Angelina is currently making, check out her website: https://www.amondaviconsulting.com/)
We’ll be taking a break from full-length interviews for the summer, but we will do have some plans to stay connected to our listeners with some bonus episodes all summer long! Our desire is to teach other people how to crush on wines, so we’ll be popping in from time to time to share a hint or two, or to give you a chance to enter a few giveaways we’ve got planned. Speaking of giveaways, we’re so excited that Wilna Wheeler is the winner of our Coravin Winecast Giveaway!! (Go Wilna!) But don’t worry — we will drop in to let you know about our next one as soon as we’re ready to rock and roll!
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