We’re back this week and what an incredible interview we have to share with you this time around! Mere & Lou had the chance to sit down with one of the very best winemakers in Sonoma: Peter Mathis. Sometimes it’s our relationship with the winemaker that leads us to the people we interview, but most of the time, it’s their wine — and when it comes to Peter, his wines introduced us to someone we are thrilled to call a friend of the show! Peter is a charming storyteller who happens to make the most beautiful wine you’ll likely ever have. His ingenious mind and sincere passion for making wine make him a one-of-a-kind person and one you will want to know better. You can start to get to know him by listening to this episode, but you’ll most certainly fall in love with him after you taste his wine! The tire of this episode says it all: we’ve got a Major Crush on Peter Mathis!
You can find all of Peter’s wines on his website: www.mathiswine.com
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