S5/EP 10: The WaterMark Wine Interview

It’s a pretty rare thing to meet a winemaker who has made THREE 100 POINT WINES, but that’s how we roll! (Just kidding!!) But seriously? We were so honored to sit down to interview Phil Steinschriber of WaterMark Wine for our final winemaker interview of the season. In addition to making fantastic wine, Phil and his wife, Diane, are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They opened up their home to us and shared their wine, the story of Phil’s journey into his career as a premier winemaker, the origin story of their relationship, and their mountain top estate as well. We always want you to experience the wines we feature on the show, but Phil’s style of winemaking takes Cabernet Sauvignon to another level! So for listeners of our show, if you go to www.watermarkwine.com and tell Diane you heard about WaterMark on Major Crush, you’ll get an extra 10% off! But we also have a very exclusive collection of wine that Meredith & Lou curated for our good friends Billy & Nick from Vint (Season Five, Episode Two) called the Napa Valley Winemakers Box, which features two of Phil’s 2016 Mt. Veeder Cabs. This is an extremely limited collection so act fast if you want a chance of getting one of these rare collections for yourself. Go to www.majorcrushwines.com/pages/vint-companion-box-collections to get your six-pack today!
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