S5/EP 11: The Karen MacNeil Interview

This might be the biggest interview we’ve ever had on Major Crush — and, it might also be the most major Major Crush we’ve ever had! Getting to interview Karen MacNeil was such a privilege because without her book, The Wine Bible, so many people in this world would still have no idea how to even get started with wine. In this very charming and inviting interview, Karen walks Lou & Mere through her origin story and shares so many details about her experiences, and she definitively proves to anyone who listens to this episode how wonderfully she welcomes people into the world of wine. This is our final episode of Season Five and to end on such a high note is so much fun! And as Karen shares her perspectives and life experiences with us, we’ve gained even more passion for what we’re doing and for all of the ways wine simply makes life better! So we will see you in early 2022 for Season Six, but until then, Cheers! And thanks for listening!
You can follow Karen MacNeil on Instagram @karenmacneilco, and the Third Edition of The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil will be out in October of 2022. Be sure to join her weekly dose of wine platform, WineSpeed at www.winespeed.com
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