S5/EP 3: A Day in the Life of Mere & Lou

Episode three of season five is a different kind of episode — not just because Mere & Lou are tasting tequila with their cheese instead of wine! But the fact is, there’s always something interesting going on in the Wine Country and we love sharing our experiences with our listeners. So we want to thank James Ayers from the Sonoma Cheese Factory for inviting Major Crush to partake in such a fascinating pairing experience. Even though we typically keep our focus on wine and wine pairings, one thing we’ve learned from our times with James is how to experiment with different types of cheeses! So if you follow us on social media, this week we’ll be showcasing all of the cheeses discussed in this episode and then offering up some ideas for how to pair each one with wine as well! Check out this series of posts on Instagram @majorcrushwinecast
Then, to round out this day-in-the-life episode, we’re letting you tag along as Mere & Lou check in on one of the wineries in Sonoma that’s near and dear to our hearts: Christopher Creek Winery. In life, relationships are so important, but in the Wine Country, everything winemakers do is built on taking care of their vines and one another! So with the 2021 harvest season fully underway, Mere and Lou wanted to stop in to talk to Joe Fopolli to talk about this upcoming vintage and to share a few glasses of his wine!
NOTE: Be sure to check out our interview with James Ayers in S4/EP 3 and with Joe Fopolli of Christopher Creek Winery in S2/EP 3.
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