S5/EP 4: The Caddis Wines Interview

Each season when we’re working on our line-up, we make a pretty big list of wines we’re currently crushing on, and then we start pursuing the winemakers to see how we can fit an interview into their busy schedules. Caddis wines was on Lou’s list big time, and so it was pretty awesome to be able to have this one-on-one time with Chris so he could introduce Mere — and all of you — to his delicious collection of wines. At the time that we sat down for this interview, it was late August and Chris was mere days away from starting his 2021 harvest, so we felt incredibly lucky that he found a way to make time for us. And as you’re about to hear, Chris’s story is super unique because he started his journey with wine in earnest before he was even legally allowed to drink! But his ability to stay the course in a notoriously difficult industry — and then grow into a true artisan winemaker to keep on your radar — makes his story exactly the kind of tale Mere & Lou love to share with you the most! To learn more about the wines — or to purchase some for yourself, go to www.caddiswine.com and place an order! It’s absolutely crush-worthy in every way!
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