S5/EP5: The Collective Light Interview with Meredith Griffin

We have something different to share with you this week — it’s a re-run of an interview Meredith gave to our good friend Amy Kathleen of the Collective Light Podcast earlier this year. You might remember AK from a few bonus episodes of Major Crush that dropped this summer. She’s this remarkably kind and insightful friend of the podcast, but she’s also a terrific interviewer in her own right. Throughout the five seasons of our show, we’ve done our best to help you get to know Mere & Lou, but there’s just something that happens when someone else turns the tables on us and puts Mere & Lou in the hot seat to share more about their lives. Last season, we re-ran an interview Lou gave about his background on The Law of Relevancy podcast with Cordes Owen (S4/EP 8), but this time, Amy Kathleen helps us dig a little deeper into what makes Meredith tick, and so we wanted to share this interview with you this week. To learn more about AK and The Collective Light Podcast, visit the website: https://insidethecollective.com/
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