S5/EP8: The Luis Alvarez Interview

We were so honored to be able to sit down with Executive Chef Luis Alvarez from Folk Table Catering in Sonoma, CA. He’s a beautifully kind “friend of the pod” who has a pretty impressive origin story that starts with work in the kitchen pantry that quickly transitioned into being a highly sought after chef working for some of the most well-known celebrity chefs in their restaurants and behind the scenes on some reality chef shows we’re sure you’ve watched! But it is his passion for food that makes him such a wonderful person to interview, and some of his ideas for how to approach cooking for the people you love this holiday season are guaranteed to inspire you (and make you very, very hungry, too!) So it is our pleasure to offer up this episode just before Thanksgiving — and one thing we are sure thankful for this year is a new friend who really knows how to share his love in his amazing dishes!
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