S6/EP 2: The Cathy Corison Interview

There are a lot of winemakers to admire in the Napa Valley, but for us, there’s this one person in particular who makes us stop in our tracks: Cathy Corison. She’s been making wine since the 1970s when things really started to take off in the Valley, and so adding her story to the mix of interviews feels like more than just an honor. It feels like a privilege. Cathy’s passion for Cabernet Sauvignon is something you can taste in her wines, but listening to her recollections and perspectives is a totally valuable use of time — especially if you consider yourself to be a “Cab person.” We recorded this interview when Meredith was in NOLA, Lou was in Monterey, CA, and Cathy was at her winery in St. Helena, proving, once again, that wine connects people no matter where they are! To learn more about Corison Winery and all of Cathy’s wines, visit her website: www.corison.com
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