S6/EP4: Easter, Chocolate & Wine

In honor of Easter, we wanted to share a different kind of episode with you – one where our producer, Sonja Zant, turns the tables on Mere & Lou by putting them in the “hot seat” with a challenge she already knows they’ll find difficult: pairing wine and chocolate! But when you source the chocolates from the very best place, and you intentionally pair each bite with wines you already know you love, an adventure like this was certain to be fun! 
We’d like to thank The Chocolate Cow in Sonoma for helping us pick out the most mind-blowingly delicious chocolates (thechocolatecow.com) and Three Fat Guys Wines (threefatguyswines.com) for contributing so much to this experience! Additionally, special thanks to Pere Pons for introducing us to our favorite Cava ever: Miquel Pons! (Talk about a major crush!!) If you’d like to learn more from Meredith on how to go about pairing chocolate with wine, check out this YouTube (https://youtu.be/kCiHgrUS_Po) we created for our Crush Collection members — it’s full of surprises and a lot of tips on how to approach the pairing process! Enjoy!
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