SEASON 7 Special Full Length Interview with Jason Wise of SOMM TV

It’s been a minute since we’ve shared an episode, but we’re glad you’re still here! We are excited to tell you about a full-length Major Crush episode that drops on Thursday, April 6th — it’s our latest interview with director Jason Wise of SOMM TV. It’s long overdue, but just like a well-made wine, a good story changes with time and when you finally open it up, there are so many beautiful layers to discover.
Technically, this interview launches us into our seventh season, but the remaining episodes won’t be out until later this summer. We’ve decided to be extra choosy this season and part of that means that we be recording most of our interviews LIVE with our guests instead of remotely. But we will still be posting updates, fun facts, and helpful food and wine information on social media, so if you haven’t started following us yet, find us @majorcrushwinecast